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An armoire for all your storage challenges

If someone asks me “what’s that one thing that completely puts me off about a house?” I quickly reply, “clutter.” Clutter is the biggest décor enemy in most modern houses. I have seen expansive homes, tastefully don-up by best of … read more

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Things to remember when buying new dining table for home

The highlight of the dining room, the central piece is your dining table. Given the prominent space and it takes up and the tone it sets for the entire room, the importance of dining table in a dining room cannot … read more

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Guide to buying right for home décor beginners

A very important aspect which is critical to effective home décor is budgeting right. Therefore, I always advise beginners to pay keen attention to buying the right set of furniture for their home when they start planning the décor. This … read more

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Find out what’s decorating style got to do with personality?

Before we get down to answering this question, let’s first know why it is important to follow a particular style for decorating. Knowing and following a certain decorating style can help transform an unorganized room into a uniform and elegant … read more

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Home décor: The beginners’ stylebook

In my last blog, I was discussing earmarking your style while you are planning to do-up your home. After you’re done with earmarking the style you’d like your home to appear in, the next thing to do is to spot … read more

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Adding the ‘Signature Touch’ to your home

How much we all love to ‘own’. Be it a commodity, an automobile, a home or for that matter another fellow human being. In fact, our life begins on an ownership note. We often begin with ‘my mom’, ‘my chair’, … read more

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Decorating with passion

I am often asked this question, in parties, at social gatherings, weekend cricket matches (I am usually the spectator mind you!) and sometimes even at the spa “Oh! So you write about home decoration, don’t you get bored doing the … read more